Design Solidarity

Structural interventions from spaces outside of design (socio-economics, political theory, community, psychology) to address current themes in design discourse (meaning, ethics, justice, sustainability, financial security)

These are some essays in progress trying to put words around a proposed shift for design. The call is to move from an elite neoliberal post-modern cultural orientation to a radical populist orientation. As such, it aims to meet the needs for anyone who identifies as a designer, wherever they’re at. It does not predict or proclaim one true dogma, style, skillset, focus or training that’s needed for the future, but a larger context that leads to more autonomy for all, with particular relevance to the hacker class.

To figure out how this manifests, I also explore how to shift professional design practice (UX specifically) towards more equitable, regenerative futures.

More specific resources for practitioners and users is on another blog I work on: Possible Futures.

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