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Karen Maezen Miller: Finding a Life (E3)

What happens to your career when you start to make a stronger commitment to your values? How does a spiritual practice manifest in how you approach work or the professional choices you make? What does Buddhist practice look like in modern-day America? 


Vyki Englert: Constructing Civic Services (E2)

For episode 2 we hear from Vyki Englert, a data strategist and product manager working in Civic Tech. Civic Tech at the most basic level is about building technology for government – two worlds with a lot to feel pessimistic about lately. However, Vyki goes into the unique spirit of the space in which people are trying to bring out the best in both …


The Rational Dress Society: Constructing Clothing (E1)

For the very first episode, we hear from Maura Brewer (L) & Abigail Glaum Lathbury (R), collectively known as the Rational Dress Society. They discuss Jumpsuit, their clothing production line that addresses the biggest ethical dilemmas in fashion and demonstrate that alternatives are possible. As “the open-source monogarment for everyday wear to replace all clothes in perpetuity”, it is made entirely in the …


Introducing The New Constructivist

Some personal thoughts and experiences that led to start building The New Constructivist project last year along with the audio show to launch May 1, 2018. originally posted on thenewconstructivist.org


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