Optimum TV App Suite


Creative Director, Producer, Account Manager, Project Manager, UX Designer, Art Director, Production Designer, Motion Designer plus many collaborators on the client side and an off-shore development team.

Project Duration

2008 – 2015


Working through POSSIBLE, an interactive AOR for Cablevision (now Altice), I worked on the ONYX project from its inception and through subsequent expansion and ongoing maintenance. It began with a few exploratory projects and quickly turned to the design of all major cable TV applications. This included the Grid Guide (EPG), On Demand (VOD), DVR, Search and Settings. 

The design and UX from these initial apps were later the model for apps on Android, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and Kindle Fire. Our team went on to design HD TV applications incorporating a product rebrand and continue to refine and upgrade all apps across all platforms, continuously looking at video consumption trends, user feedback, and new processes for large-scale system management.

Also see Overview Video, DVR tutorial

Considerations & Challenges:

  • Accommodate different user modes based on media, platform and input device.
  • Consider the legacy infrastructure and hardware of an MSO.
  • Work well with many different client stakeholders and vendors.

Release Status:

  • Mobile apps were launched in 2012, design has since changed
  • TV apps including Guide and DVR were rolled out to cable customers between 2010-2015
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