illustration of me in a jumpsuit

I’m Colombene [Bēne] Gorton. I work on design & strategy for digital products, services and communications – often on large-scale or complex projects or across a portfolio. I develop and steward user-centered concepts with teams and stakeholders to move high level goals towards successful implementations and outcomes. I work as a consultant, lead, principal, or staff UX designer with overlap in creative direction, information architecture, research, branding, digital strategy, content strategy, product ownership and design management. I have experience working for global tech and marketing clients but currently focus on building design capacity in co-operative, non-profit, public, community-based, and start-up organizations. My passion is innovating for truly people-centered spaces with high levels of craft and purpose.

I’m also interested in movements for system change and think about the future of design, technology, work, consumerism, stories, and culture. I am on the board of the Data Commons Cooperative, log practitioner resources at Possible Futures, and talk to others about their work on a podcast called The New Constructivist. A 3rd gen Angeleno, I live in The Valley with my family, watch sunsets, and listen to a lotta music.

Venn diagram of life systems. The left circle being Systems & Infrastructure which includes goods, services, and trade with icons alluding to clothing, water, food, health and housing. The right circle is Cosmology which includes education, relationships, and culture with icons alluding to love, birth, awareness, ideas, and holding hands. A bright light behind an illustration of a leafed branch is between them.

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