Current Work

Data Commons Co-op
Facilitates the flow of data in the cooperative/solidarity/new economy
Member of the Board of Directors and Working Group

Possible Futures
A blog cataloging movement towards ethics, social responsibility and systemic change in tech, design and culture
Instigator & Collaborator

Select Past Work

UCLA, Strategic Communications/Marketing
Telling UCLA’s unique story — the shared values, opportunities and achievements that make it great
Experience Design Lead on brand, redesign, and university-wide design system creation and rollout

Hazy Moon Zen Center
A classical Zen Buddhism practice center founded by William Nyogen Yeo Roshi
Digital + Creative Consultant for website strategy, design and production

Cablevision (via agency: Possible)
New York area cable provider, now Altice USA
User Experience Lead for product strategy, system design, documentation and production of Optimum’s core cable TV product offering for set top box, mobile (iOS, Android), PC app (silverlight), and various iTV platforms
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College Board (via agency: Possible)
Non-profit developer of standardized tests
User Experience Lead + Creative Direction on vision presentation and prototypes for a near-future core product

Microsoft (via agency: Schematic)
Global technology company, Product: MS Surface Table, now Pixelsense
User Experience Lead + Concept Direction, wireframes & flows for vision presentation & proof of concept (WPF)

Community Work

Non-profit cultural organization and multipurpose community space
Assemblies Organizer
• Q3 Assembly “Workshopping Work Beyond Capitalism”
• Q2 Assembly “The Future of Labor”
Solidarity Club – biweekly online support meeting about work

Village Green HOA
A 1942 condominium complex that is a National Historic Landmark and Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument
• Communications Committee Chair, website designer + maintainer
• Sustainability + Community Group Organizer

Technical Presentations

How Small Screens are Making iTV Big (Future 15 panel)
SXSW Interactive, 2011

Beyond Scifi: Design For Surfaces and Big Screens
SXSW Interactive, 2010

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